Team Coaching: Tailored Around Your Team

Team Coaching: Getting The Best Out Of Your Team

Successful and established legal teams cultivate unique skills. They consistently deliver high performance, are effective in building safety, and have a strong sense of purpose and identity to the extent that recruiting increasingly involves an entire team rather than just a team leader.

To develop their full potential, a team needs to learn how to co-create outcomes. However, busy team leaders have limited resources (including the necessary “headspace”) to develop strong teamwork skills and cultivate the high-performance dynamics required by their teams.

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Delegating part of the task to an external coach who speaks the same language as the team creates a safe space to foster team engagement, find ways to work smarter and expand relational intelligence, which together translate into greater team performance.

So, What Is the Goal of Team Coaching?

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The goal of team coaching is to develop the full potential of a team to operate successfully within the unique culture of each organisation.

This frequently involves developing a collective team vision and growing team intelligence, which is greater than the sum of all the capabilities and skills of the individual team members. I coach the team to coach themselves by exploring expectations (which are often assumption based) and real problems (which are often entangled with non-problems). This allows the team to gradually build the clarity needed for complex team output and, ultimately, success.

When deliverables are ambitious, the unprepared or divided team, no matter how capable the individuals are, soon reveals that it is not fit to achieve the very best of its potential.

My Coaching Sessions Aim to Get the Best Out of Legal Teams.

What Is the Format?

The first step is a meeting (in person or online) in which we discuss the team’s challenges and priorities. Depending on each organisation’s needs, team sessions can be structured either as half-day or full-day sessions. When the desired outcome requires deeper reflection and more complex action plans, I follow a roadmap approach, which is spread across several sessions to dive deep into each problem area.

What Matters Will We Cover?

The areas for coaching are team-specific and may cover a wide range of topics, from building or restating a team vision to strengthening communication and managing conflict. Team sessions explore your challenges by asking why things are not working and what each team member is prepared to change within their circle of influence. This empowers the entire team to create solutions that are sustainable within their organisation.

Organisations benefit from a huge pay-off when they invest time and resources in developing the full potential of a team, not just individual talent.

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