Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching:
Tailored Around Your Priorities

Individual coaching sessions are aimed at achieving more effective performance. They begin with uncovering your challenges to make the situation clearer. We then explore what’s holding you back. After building your self-awareness, the focus shifts to exactly what you wish to achieve and how your unique strengths will get you there.
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So, How Do I Get Started?

The first step is a meeting (in person or online) in which we discuss your challenges and what you wish to achieve. Based on these, we design the best coaching programme for you. Every programme is bespoke. It is based on your priorities and timeline. For example, it could range from three deep-dive coaching sessions to a six-to-twelve-month programme.

What will I explore during my coaching sessions?

Management and Leadership

Lawyers in leadership roles often receive limited training to become effective leaders. Professional development traditionally focuses on competence and legal skills rather than management and leadership. With legal teams under increasing pressure to deliver more with fewer resources, being an effective leader requires clear vision, self-management and strong communication skills.

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Coaching provides a solid basis and ongoing support for a solo leadership journey and the development of effective tools, thinking skills and personalised strategies to lead a successful legal team.

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Career Progression

Lawyers rarely receive the full preparation and support they need to step up into new roles, including moving in-house or into managerial positions. Career progression involves not only acquiring valuable experience but also embracing a new mindset. This mindset piece, which includes thinking like a manager, is usually the hardest to achieve.

Coaching provides a roadmap that will allow you not only to maximise your chances of ‘getting the job’ but also to deal with your challenges with confidence, clarity and the thinking skills you need to succeed.

Business Development

Private practice lawyers who have not worked in-house (or have only limited in-house experience from, for example, secondments) may not have the benefit of exposure to the dynamics of decision making in client organisations and being on the receiving end of legal advice that requires translating for senior management. The most effective external advisers differentiate themselves by understanding and helping their clients navigate these complexities and sensitivities.

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Coaching developed on in-house experience offers an opportunity to explore the insight of the client’s perspective and view legal advice through the eyes of the client, and ultimately businesspeople, from first contact and early pitching to final delivery and strategy.

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